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18th May 2023

Water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink   

When water is the most vital source of life available on our planet,  why do we pay such little attention to it here in the UK? Whether it’s the constant rainy days, gloomy weather, or the drinkable water on tap, we Englishmen are seemingly unconcerned with the worlds water shortage. But with 2022 Climate Change Strategy, written by the UK Export Finance Office, refusing to address the problem of water despite us seeing the driest July on record, the worlds water shortage could soon be coming to the UK.  

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06th Jul 2022

Entering the GreenTech Era: The webinar addressing challenges in GreenTech 

Our planet is facing a climate crisis and the race to achieve carbon neutrality is intensifying. Whilst the world is warming and bringing with it a myriad of problems, countries have pledged for climate change action.  Whilst as consumers we can make small changes, to create the systematic change that is required organisations and governments […]

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