MedTech Series

Healthcare has always been an advocate of innovation, continuously looking to improve and deliver superior patient care, whether that’s redefining surgery or looking to transform diagnostics. This transformation is supported by the adoption of innovative technologies, classified as MedTech or HealthTech.   

This year Halston Group launched MedTech + HealthTech” The New Realm of Patient Care’, our investigative report on the market. 

The MedTech Report

Our research report explored the shifts impacting the MedTech sector, delving into emerging technology, adoption rates, investments, and even trends such as virtual wards. Beyond this, it looked to examine the potential of MedTech and HealthTech solutions in the context of improving patient care, from AI-driven applications that support faster cancer diagnostics to software that can track every asset in a hospital to avoid patient delays.  

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MedTech Whitepaper Preview
Preview of MedTech Series PDF Editions from Charlton Regulatory and Loopcycle

Continuing the MedTech Conversation

The MedTech report was the starting point of the conversation, but new innovation is being developed every day and healthcare facilities across the globe are adopting technology as part of their patient care journey. Therefore, there remains an incredible amount of insight to be gained from experts in the field from the perspective of both entrepreneurs and hospitals. Each edition of the series will speak to an expert in the field to discuss an array of topical matters impacting the healthcare space.  

Expert Contributors

MedTech Series Editions MedTech Series Editions MedTech Series Editions

MedTech Series x Charlton Regulatory Consulting

The medical technology field has always been intertwined with regulation and companies have often faced complexities when it comes to adhering to those regulations. But with the industry expanding more into the digital realm encompassing both MedTech and HealthTech solutions, regulation is becoming even harder to navigate for those innovating in the field.

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MedTech Series x Loopcycle

As health is so intrinsically linked to the environment, the NHS has an essential role to play in meeting its 2040 net-zero targets. A fundamental part of becoming net-zero is minimising waste, ensuring longevity in the assets and equipment that are utilised, alongside re-using where applicable.

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