An in-depth investigation into the technological advancements that are preventing climate change.

Globally we must embrace ground-breaking technologies and this paper addresses the how and the why, with first-hand insight from industry experts.

Our specialist contributors review the current state of the GreenTech market and what needs to be changed.

Our whitepaper ‘Entering the GreenTech Era’ delves into GreenTech market with analysis from experts working in the industry to learn how they are driving climate change prevention.

Pioneering technology across the entire sector are each, in their own way decarbonising and reducing our environmental impact. From solar powered desalination technology to predictive-analysis tools that are driving the EV transition.

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  1. Unique insight from 10 GreenTech experts 
  2. Introduction to new innovative technology that is yet to go to market
  3. A collective research paper that gives an overview of the current state of the GreenTech market



Climate action is imperative and will only be possible with ground-breaking technology

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Green Revolution Cooling x Halston Group

Decarbonising Data Centres

Whilst our movement towards cloud-based operations has had incredible efficiency, automation and waste benefits, it’s no secret that data centres have their own environmental implications to consider. In 2019, it was estimated that data centres worldwide used more than 2% of the worlds electricity and generated the same volume of carbon emissions as the global airline industry.

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