An in-depth investigation into the technological advancements that are preventing climate change.

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Climate change is intensifying.

The race is truly on to achieve carbon neutrality. The world is warming and bringing with it a myriad of extreme weather conditions from wildfire to floods. Now is the time to take action!

The Climate Landscape

There is a worldwide consensus that climate action must be taken, and fast. Events like Cop26 and the Paris Climate agreement have amplified the conversation and driven legislation. Whilst we as consumers can recycle our waste or reduce our reliance on meat-based products, for systematic change to happen, globally we must embrace ground-breaking technologies. These innovative technologies will enable us to reduce the global temperature and ensure our planet is liveable for future generations. And this is exactly what our latest whitepaper investigates.

Our Collaborators

CeraPhi® deliver advanced geothermal energy solutions at scale. CeraPhi’s mission is to deliver an impact change to carbon reduction, providing a decarbonising baseload 1-2-1 energy transition solution. As an energy developer “utility light” model they use their proprietary technology and project delivery expertise to enable the supply of baseload energy to their clients and customers. The technology enables the use of thermal energy from the ground to be delivered to a point of commercial access to direct power, heat and even cooling.  

Earth Blox is a no-code platform giving effortless access to the power of satellite intelligence. Delivering incredible insights into our world and how it’s changing. There is an amazing amount of high-quality satellite data available for gaining insight, but the bar is set high for many companies who wish to access it, often requiring coding expertise and high associated costs. Earth Blox was founded to lower this bar to entry by putting high-quality satellite observations into the hands of non-experts and empowering businesses to translate raw satellite data into actionable insights without needing to write a single line of code. 

The Pacific Green Technologies Group is becoming a world leader at providing sustainable cleantech solutions to help solve climate warming, green energy and resource scarcity challenges. They are committed to managing the change to a cleaner more sustainable planet.  

The technology driving Power Roll is the brainchild of Chief Scientist Dr John Topping who developed the concept of a microgroove, a very small micronsized pattern that would be embossed into a plastic film. Together with Saul Joicey and strong UK investors, Power Roll was born. They have different applications of innovation using microgrooves, but the most excited development using microgrooves is solar film. Their primary objective is to scale the use of solar around the world by creating a product that is a fraction of the cost of existing technology. 

Powerstar is a leading manufacturer of behind-the-meter battery energy storage systems, providing complete power resilience with site-wide uninterruptible power supply. On top of improving power resilience, these technologies support companies on their path to net zero, which is becoming increasingly important in a world reliant on rapid electrification and digitisation. To make energy as cheap, as green and as efficient as possible is now the core of the business. 

Solar Water PLC’s vision is to create an end to water scarcity with a solution that will also create a better future for our planet, by combating climate change. Our fully decentralised Concentrated Solar Power Desalination system provides a GreenTech, zero GHG solution that can sustainably desalinate seawater into scaled supplies of freshwater using the concentrated power of the sun. 

Spherics is a carbon footprinting software company for business. Their carbon accounting based methodology is award winning and they have a track record of delivering for both SMEs and multinational enterprise businesses.  

Tallarna is a climate tech company for the built environment. They combine data analytics, insurance, and efficient funding to propose and execute decarbonisation strategies. 

Tribosonics is a transformational technology business that uses its unique sensing technologies to create digitally enabled products and services that generate value and improve sustainability for its global industrial customer base. From their Sheffield headquarters they design and supply end-to-end solutions that are based on innovative hard-tech transducers (sensors) that gather data from industrial components which is captured in a cloud platform and converted to insightful engineering metrics using algorithms, machine learning and advanced analytics.  They have a visionary and multi-talented team of 30 people who are a combination of technologists, engineers, data scientists and commercial experts that bring the technology to market. 

Emerging Climate Technologies

Our upcoming whitepaper ‘Entering the GreenTech Era’ delves into GreenTech and the various sub-divisions to understand how they will drive climate change prevention. Pioneering technology across the entire sector are each, in their own way decarbonising and reducing our environmental impact. There are companies who have created desalination technology driven by solar power, those who have re-defined manufacturing equipment to be considerably more energy efficient, or even those with predictive tools to make the EV transition more achievable.

Our paper compiles industry research alongside first-hand conversations with these innovative companies to understand the emerging technologies that are entering the space, and their future predictions for the market.

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