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GreenTech Series x Mina

The EV market is a vital component of our transition to a carbon-neutral future, and EVs have been a hot topic in the renewal space as they have grown in popularity exponentially over the past few years. 2022 was the strongest performing year for electric car sales, with 14% of all new cars sold globally being electric, a 5% rise over 2021. This growth has meant that there are approximately 26 million electric cars on the open road.



With Mina

Whilst growth is being achieved each year in the EV market, there is still a considerable level required to transition away from fossil-fuelled transportation. However, there are still elements that are hindering decisions for individuals or companies to make the move, including mileage capability, cost, and the wider charging infrastructure. It’s those barriers that many GreenTechs in the sector are looking to alleviate with incredible solutions. Mina is one of those incredible GreenTechs supporting the EV market.

How Mina is redefining business EV charging

Mina is a multi-award winning payment solution for electric vehicle (EV) charging and is the UK’s only platform which allows fleet and business electric vehicles to be charged at home and on the road, resulting in a single monthly invoice for the business.

Halston Group spoke to Ashley Tate, Mina’s CEO and Co-Founder, to understand how their technology is enabling companies to simplify costing and also discuss the wider industry trends and challenges, including his predictions for the future of the market.

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“Powering some of the largest fleets in the UK, our unique solution means drivers don’t ever have to pay upfront for their EV charging costs and businesses don’t have to rely on the inaccuracies in the Government’s Advisory Electricity Rate as a way of reimbursing them.

Mina stands out because we solve all those EV charging problems. Mina Homecharge® integrates with a business EV driver’s home charger and energy supplier and pays their supplier directly and accurately for every home charge session.

Mina Chargepass® is a single RFID card that gives business EV drivers access to the UK’s fastest public charging network thanks to our partnership with Allstar. So drivers don’t have to worry about longer journeys and can top up their business EVs using thousands of public charge points across the country. Drivers just have to tap the card on the charger, with no cost to them.

All charging costs for every driver using Mina Homecharge and/or Chargepass are then sent to their businesses monthly in one single invoice. This means that finance teams only have to pay Mina once a month for the cost of their drivers charging their company EVs.

Businesses are able to see key insights including carbon intensity and emissions, cost per kWh, location and duration of each charge across their fleet in our easy to use Fleet Portal.

This makes paying for EV charging transparent, accurate and simple for employers and employees.”

Ashley Tate, CEO of Mina

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