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07th Jun 2023

Top 10 GreenTech Companies Taking on Climate Change 

Morgan Ellam

It’s no secret that climate change is a real, escalating threat to our planet. Despite some progress, we still have a long way to go in terms of a global response. And too many companies greenwash their achievements – that’s why it’s so important to highlight the individuals and businesses who are taking the necessary steps in helping us achieve carbon neutrality. 

Last November, we released our GreenTech whitepaper. In it, we collaborated with 10 GreenTech companies who gave us unique insight into how they are taking on climate change. These companies understand that we need to go beyond reactive approaches to sustainability and convert to proactive approaches to make sure our future is greener. From innovative renewable energy solutions that can be made in the same way as a crisp packet or no-code platforms looking at sustainability from space and everything else in between, meet our Top 10 GreenTech companies taking on climate change: 


  1. CeraPhi Energy

First up, CeraPhi Energy. Based in Norfolk, CeraPhi has created innovative, sustainable and renewable geothermal energy solutions at scale. Geothermal energy is an excellent source of renewable energy which helps lessen the impact of climate change. Their mission is to reduce carbon emissions by providing decarbonised energy transition solutions. They use their technology and expertise to support the supply of baseload geothermal energy to their clients.  The technology CeraPhi uses allows thermal energy from the ground to be delivered to commercial access. One of their core values is to invest only in a sustainable future – and we couldn’t agree more! 


  1. Tribosonics

Tribosonics is a Sheffield-based transformational technology company. They use their unique sensing technologies to produce digitally enabled products and services to improve sustainability for their global customer base. They also design and supply end-to-end solutions based on innovative hard-tech sensors that gather data from industrial components. These are then captured in a cloud platform. Once captured, they are converted to insightful engineering metrics using algorithms, machine learning and advanced analytics. Their solution is especially beneficial in tracking renewable assets such as wind turbines to ensure optimal efficiency and lifecycle performance. 


  1. Tallarna

Next on our list is Tallarna.  They are a ClimateTech company that helps add sustainability to built environments. Tallarna aims to accelerate net zero in these spaces using an eco-system approach to present and execute large-scale decarbonisation strategies. Their approach involves data analytics, insurance, and efficient funding. And based in a country that is supporting climate goals with legislative processes, Tallarna is helping their clients meet the legal demands for building sustainability. 


  1. Spherics

Another company that’s taking on climate change is Spherics – a carbon footprinting software company for businesses. Their software helps businesses get a clear picture of their emissions hot spots in scope 1, 2 and often scope 3, which most businesses really struggle with. They have a track record of delivering sustainability insight to both SMEs and multinational enterprise businesses. Not to mention, their carbon accounting-based methodology is award-winning! 


  1. Solar Water PLC

Solar Water PLC’s vision is to create a better future for our planet by combating the climate change problem we face head-on. To achieve their goal, they have created an end to water scarcity. According to the WWF, only 3% of our world is made up of fresh water. Solar Water PLC provides a GreenTech, zero-greenhouse gas solution through their fully decentralised Concentrated Solar Power Desalination system that can sustainably purify seawater into scaled supplies of freshwater using the power of the sun to help combat global water shortage.  


  1. Powerstar

Powerstar is a leading manufacturer of behind-the-meter battery energy storage systems. They provide a site-wide uninterruptible power supply which delivers power resilience. 

Powerstar’s technologies support companies with their goals to achieve net zero. They have developed an impressive range of advanced hardware and software – from super low-loss transformers to patented voltage optimisation, and battery energy storage with site-wide Uninterruptible Power Supply capabilities. As a business, making energy as cheap, green, and efficient as possible iswhat they aim to achieve. 


  1. Power Roll

Another company tackling climate change is Power Roll. They are a GreenTech solution created by Chief Scientist, Dr John Topping, who developed the concept of the microgroove, a tiny micron-sized pattern embossed into a plastic film. They have different applications of innovation using microgrooves, including capacitor film and sensor film. But the most exciting is their solar film which creates renewable energy. We all know solar energy plays in lessening greenhouse gas emissions. Pair this with their ambition to radically increase the use of solar globally by creating a product that is a fraction of the cost of existing technology, we could see a big change in how solar energy is used. 


  1. Hydrock

Hydrock is an engineering design, energy and sustainability consultancy firm shaping places, communities, and infrastructure. Recognising the growing interest of numerous clients investing in clean mobility, Hydrock has developed a solution known as StratEV. This revolutionary tool empowers businesses and councils to embrace the electric vehicle (EV) transition, providing them with insights into charging requirements. StratEV assembles a range of comprehensive datasets, both historical and real-time, to gather an accurate overview of potential demand. StratEV uses current data to understand travellers’ origins and where they are going. It lets them know how far EV drivers will have travelled, which helps them to estimate the battery percentage left in the vehicles. 


  1. Pacific Green Technologies

The Pacific Green Technologies Group is becoming a world leader in delivering sustainable CleanTech solutions to help solve climate change, green energy, and resource scarcity challenges. The company has an extensive range of renewable energy solution providers, specialising in marine emissions reduction technology and energy storage to help clients worldwide minimise harmful pollutants. They currently have over 130 exhaust gas cleaning systems onboard a variety of ships. An example of one of their many revolutionary technologies is the ENVI- MarineTM Exhaust Gas Cleaning system that removes the sulphur dioxide from a ship engine exhausts down to a level that is equivalent to the permitted, lower sulphur fuel limits, making it possible for a ship to burn heavy fuel oils, for which they were designed, with a sulphur content that is as high as 3.5%. Overall, Pacific Green is committed to handling the transformation to a cleaner, more sustainable planet. 


  1. Earth Blox 

Last, but by no means least, on our list is Earth Blox. They are a GreenTech, no-code platform that gives uncomplicated access to satellite intelligence. Due to climate change, our planet is changing rapidly. However, satellite intelligence provides details into how and why it’s changing. The current issue is that there is a lot of amazing data available, but it often requires coding expertise which many people simply don’t have. Earth Blox is helping solve this issue. They were founded to put high-quality satellite observations into the hands of non-experts and empower businesses to translate raw satellite data into actionable insights without needing to write any code. The no code software delivers incredible insights into our world to help contribute to sustainable solutions.   

Do you want to learn more about these companies and other technological advancements in preventing climate change? Then read our “Entering the GreenTech era” paper.