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22nd May 2023

B2B Marketing for GreenTech Companies

Morgan Ellam

Pollution, waste disposal, climate change, global warming and the greenhouse effect are just four of the major environmental problems we’re facing right now. To save our planet, we know we need green technology to provide us with solutions. The green technology and sustainability market is expected to grow to 76.55 billion USD by 2028. These forecasts highlight a significant opportunity for the development of GreenTech and CleanTech companies.  

At Halston Group, the home of Halston B2B, we understand the urgency of pioneering GreenTech for our planet’s survival. In fact, we’re so passionate about the matter, we dedicated an entire in-depth whitepaper on the technological advancements that are preventing climate change and getting us to net-zero.  

If you’re a GreenTech or CleanTech business and want to accelerate its growth, you’ve arrived at the right place. Discover how our digital services, powered by our game-changing creative team, SEO expertise, and deep industry knowledge, can propel your GreenTech venture into the future of innovation. 

GreenTech Branding Boost

Branding is what we do best. We get to understand everything about your product or service – especially your tone of voice. Having a defined tone of voice ensures communication across different platforms is consistent. Importantly, we ensure that the messaging clearly represents the sustainable benefits you can truly offer. 

A structured brand presentation is estimated to increase revenue by 23%. But we don’t just stop at the words we use. Building a comprehensive brand aesthetic that includes logos, colour palettes, icons and imagery, our team is highly skilled in graphic design, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.  

In the past, we’ve helped our clients create sub-brands with a sustainable edge. ImagEco, a sub-brand for our clients, Imageco, one of the UK’s leading print and signage companies. It’s a place dedicated to highlighting what they’re actively doing to achieve their sustainability goals. 

Creating Compelling GreenTech Content

Through original and technical content, you can establish yourself as an industry expert whilst also supporting your SEO efforts. At Halston B2B, we create content that educates, inspires and demonstrates your expertise in the sustainability sector. We believe that the key to having a great marketing strategy is to include an extensive range of content with strong audience touch points such as blogs, whitepapers, social media and case studies. All of these give you the space to dive into the areas you value the most. Particularly blog content can get your name associated with meaningful environmental topics.  

Crafting Creativity with a Sustainable Edge 

Our in-house creative team also works directly on content that captures attention and builds brand identity. Our team can develop a one-of-a-kind visual identity, tailored specifically to your brand. The demand for standing out and establishing recognisable images in the B2B industry has never been greater. Whether it’s your online presence, social media representation, or printed materials, we ensure your brand represents you.your brand. The demand for standing out and establishing recognisable images in the B2B industry has never been greater. Whether it’s your online presence, social media representation, or printed materials, we ensure your brand represents you. 

Did you know an average person spends 54 seconds on a standard webpage, but this can increase to 6 minutes when videos are featured! That’s why we also specialise in video content – an excellent tool to communicate your brand and separate you from your competition. They provide you with interactive and engaging content from tailor-made footage to imaginative animation styles curated by our team. 

GreenTech PR Powerhouse

Potential clients must see your company in trustworthy spaces to show the reliability of your product or service. At Halston B2B, we’re a pioneering PR powerhouse, launching innovative campaigns built on insight at national or international levels. We can help by crafting thought leadership articles based on your opinion and insight that bring you into the centre of conversations in an authentic way. We already have long-standing relationships with journalists and editors to propel your name to the forefront of industry discussions. 

Unforgettable Events that Shape the Future

Events are an effective way of getting in front of as many customers as possible whilst having meaningful interactions with them. Our event specialist brand, Mercury, provides businesses with end-to-end event management. Thanks to our team of events experts, we can help you create an event strategy that’s tailored to your goals and vision. 

The events we work on range from engaging in-person events to online thought-provoking panel discussions – and everything else in between! Through our experience and existing network, we can outsource industry-leading speakers, and, through our excellent marketing capabilities, we can attract sustainability-oriented attendees. We can even get you sorted with sustainable event collateral to ensure you stay in people’s minds. At the core of all this, we aim to encourage meaningful conversations about the amazing work you’re doing in the GreenTech field. 

To learn more about what we can do for your events, have a look at our case study with Hark, energy analytics and industrial IoT specialists. 

The Future Depends on Green Tech

We need green technologies to create solutions to the environmental problems we face. It’s not just about effective marketing for the sake of more sales. It’s about improving the environment and creating a better future for the next generation. That’s why we want to work with you.  

Do you have a GreenTech business and need help getting your name out there? Get in touch with our expert team.