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Manufacturing is Coming Home

Alongside in-depth research, this research brings together expert insight and predictions to determine the future of the market.

About the report

This report reflects back on the UK’s powerhouse history and understanding our specialisms as a nation. The piece investigates the current changes within the market and predicts the future of the manufacturing sector, and if and when we should expect to see production coming home.

Industry 4.0 – The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Many believe that we are now at the precipice of the fourth industrial revolution. The fourth is building on from the third with the digital revolution. It is characterised by a fusion of technologies that are blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres. The reason as to why it is classed as a separate entity to the third, is due to the sheer scale, complexity and velocity, the rate of technology breakthroughs is nothing like we have seen before.

Recent years to present times

Although production may have declined over the years; the UK remains the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world. In 2018, the UK manufacturing sector employed 2.6 million4 people and including the indirect impact, manufacturing accounts for 15 percent of the UK economy. Manufacturing still accounts for 45% of total exports, so opposite to the common opinion that, ‘the UK doesn’t produce anything anymore’, manufacturing is still an important component to our society.

Why Download?
Why Download?

Why Download?

  • An overview of the core UK sectors and their impact on the UK economy. Including Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive and Aerospace
  • Insight into the Top UK Manufacturers by Production
  • An analysis of how digitalisation is transforming the manufacturing industry
  • The  technology that is driving sustainability
  • How innovation is building growth
  • The barriers preventing adoption

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Our Collaborators

The NW Made Smarter adoption pilot will improve the competitiveness, increase exports, and productivity of North West manufacturers and supply chains through fully funded access to support, guidance, and grant funding for the adoption of industrial digital technologies.

Hark is an award-winning Energy Analytics and Industrial IoT company based in Leeds. Known for the innovative technology in their subscription cloud platform, they’re on a mission to improve efficiency, maximise yield and reduce waste.

By 2022, Crystal Doors will be carbon neutral across all scopes and are bringing all of their customers, suppliers and stakeholders with them. They have won prestigious awards for their progress to date, which includes £1.5 million invested in clean energy and energy efficiency!

JetSoft is a company dedicated to improving the accessibility and efficiency of NDT information. Their products are focused on helping companies to manage their NDT data, a resource which is often poorly utilised and undervalued.



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