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Georgia Halston

Georgia is the Group CEO of Halston Group. With a marketing career spanning 15 years she's an expert in marketing strategy, critical thought and innovation. You should expect to gain insight on the business landscape, marketing trends and the running of a company from articles she's penned.

24th Aug 2022

The Halston Group Guide to Leeds Digital Festival

It’s our favourite time of the year! Leeds Digital Festival has gone live with their slate of events for September 22 and it’s even more epic than ever. Talk about a smorgasbord of happenings in the buzzing heart of the digital north. There’s events on business advice, marketing, networking, cyber security and data, there’s coding, […]

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16th Apr 2021

5 B2B marketing strategies that slice through the standard

There’s a lot of noise out there and for some, B2B marketing can feel like an unyielding crusade just to have your voice heard. But when you do, you better have something worth listening to. We’re here to give you the upper hand, we’re offering you the hilt to our marketing strategy katana to slash […]

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