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The Changing Face of Crisis Comms: a Covid-19 Retrospective

This research includes ten accounts from comms professionals, some of which are IABC board members and others are from our wider network. The report reviews their crisis comms strategies, the mediums and messaging used and delves into the challenges faced throughout the global pandemic.

About the report

Our interviewees share their crisis comms strategies and divulge the inner workings of their comms teams during one of the most challenging times for comms professionals and indeed all professionals across the nation.

This study is an unprecedented insight into the comms strategies of some of the biggest names in the UK and should act as a guide for all comms professionals on what approaches can be taken during a crisis in years to come.

A Sneak Peak

With such a widespread impact, every sector has felt the pressure to respond to the crisis to keep their businesses wheels in motion. The internal comms teams have been in the thick of it all, responding to the ever-changing situation to relaying instructions and information to their workforce, which in some cases could be thousands of employees. They are responsible for determining the key messaging and ensure everyone is engaged and aligned.

Our Collaborators

We’ve interviewed comms leaders from companies who occupy industries that make up the UK economy’s back bone, from retail and groceries to chemicals, comms and infrastructure.

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Many corporate entities are currently looking to digitalise their internal comms. External comms may have been digitalised many moons ago and it’s finally time for its, often overlooked, ‘little brother’ to receive the digital treatment. Since January 2017 HalstonB2B been working with a great brand whose internal comms team deal with a huge region; Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). We took the PPG People internal magazine online and launched the blog and social media channels with great success. – Read the case study here.