Investigating the Core Challenges faced in B2B Technology Adoption

The first Halston B2B Whitepaper looks at high tech software products and solutions and the challenges faced in terms of market penetration, customer education and cracking new business.

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About the report

The extensively researched piece covers holistic B2B marketing practices and is available completely free of charge.

With such a widespread impact, every sector has felt the pressure to respond to the crisis to keep their businesses wheels in motion. The internal comms teams have been in the thick of it all, responding to the ever-changing situation to relaying instructions and information to their workforce, which in some cases could be thousands of employees. They are responsible for determining the key messaging and ensure everyone is engaged and aligned.

A Sneak Peak

The paper investigates current technology trends and which new innovations are finding themselves ready for market, such those using as IoT and AI.

The various market barriers are then examined with particular relevance to a company’s marketing and the obstacles inherent in market penetration and storytelling for brand new and often complicated technology solutions.

Specific challenges are then explored which uncover a myriad of potential solutions which can be used within the B2B marketing strategies for very hi-tech and cutting-edge technologies.