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The UK GreenTech Catalyst Conference

The GreenTech Catalyst Conference aims to ignite innovation and empower transformation. We believe that Greentech and CleanTech have hugely transformative powers in many sectors and this event aims to champion and propel that potential. That’s why we’re catering to both GreenTech businesses and those industries who are ripe for transformation by GreenTech Solutions.

Date: 25th April 2024

Location: Nexus, Leeds

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The Green Report

In 2022 we published an in-depth investigation into the technological advancements that are preventing climate change. 

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Globally we must embrace ground-breaking technologies and this paper addresses the how and the why, with first-hand insight from industry experts.

Now we’re carrying the conversation into 2024 with a live event!

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The Agenda
The Agenda

The Agenda

The day will be broken into two halves to tailor the sessions to either emerging GreenTechs or established companies in heavy industry sectors.

Morning Track – Igniting Innovation

The morning session has been crafted to give insight and value to growing GreenTech businesses. If you’re running GreenTech or CleanTech Business, this one’s for you.

Hear from investors and GreenTech companies who have successfully raised investment for their GreenTech business and how you can propel your funding journey.

In this session, we’re welcoming local policy makers and business support initiatives to come and talk about what support there is out there for growing GreenTech Businesses.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Dale Woods, Programme Manager at Royal Academy of Engineering


Afternoon Track – Empowering Transformation

In the afternoon we’re looking at energy-hungry industries and how you can implement GreenTech solutions to make your company more sustainable for the future.

In this workshop we’ll hear from a panel of leaders in energy-intensive industries as they share their insights on developing holistic sustainable practices across their entire operations, followed by a workshop where we’ll work through your challenges on the implementation of GreenTech Solutions in your business. 

Hear from a panel of innovative technology providers who are making tech that allows industry to build a more holistically sustainable approach. 

In this session, you’ll hear  from business support networks and gain insight on how you can apply for funding, grants and further business support for implementing GreenTech

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