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12th Apr 2023

The New Realm of Patient Care: Now Live 

Jessica Farrow

At Halston Group, we aspire to be engrossed in the future of technology and conversation. And to truly achieve this we must be embedded in the tech sector and learn first-hand from leaders in the industry to understand what’s next.  This is the foundation of our collaborative whitepapers, where we deep-dive into emerging areas of technology, collating research and interviews with those right in the thick of it. 

 For our upcoming whitepaper, we are stepping into the medical field of innovation.  

Fostering Innovation in Healthcare  

Across Europe, there are more than 500,000 medical technologies available in hospitals, community care settings, and at home. In 2021, the European MedTech market was valued at €150 billion, 27.3% of the world’s market share. To add to this, European MedTech companies directly employ more than 800,000 people. 

In the 21st century, we are in a new era of healthcare with the introduction of revolutionary technology. The new wave of innovation that is sweeping the sector is paving the way to greater patient care alongside empowering patients to own their care. Industry titans and emerging start-ups alike are navigating this new world, striving to be at the forefront of the industry.  

 “The healthcare sector has always been innovation-driven. We wouldn’t have the lifesaving surgeries, disease-curing medications, and all-round patient care had the space not been open to adopting innovation and technology. Somewhere along the way, we forgot that but recent events, especially Covid-19, have just reminded us of its importance.”Dr Pahini Pandya – Founder & CEO of Panakeia  

The MedTech market is constantly evolving; from the first discovery of the stethoscope to today, where augmented reality is being introduced to surgical care. At this time there are thousands of solutions to address a pleather of challenges in the healthcare industry. But the incredible MedTech & HealthTech solutions can only have an impact if it’s adopted at scale.  

“It has never been more important to digitise and modernise the way the UK provides care, and we cannot afford to slow down now.” – Julian David, techUK CEO  

Navigating the MedTech Market 

 The ramifications of the past few years have amplified the need for MedTech and HealthTech in one respect, but also intensified pre-existing barriers, making the movement towards digital a complex landscape to navigate. Whilst highlighting the incredible potential of the latest innovation, our whitepaper also examines the challenges faced by MedTech founders but also accessibility issues that could emerge for patients.  

 Innovation is crucial in healthcare, but this mustn’t be limited to technology – rather a constant thread right throughout the healthcare industry’s entire culture – Ken Moran, Business Growth Director, Kinsetsu 

MedTech Whitepaper: In-depth Insight  

 In this paper, we want to gain a grasp of what is currently happening in the industry, delving into the emerging technology alongside: 

  • Competition level 
  • Adoption levels 
  • Investment  
  • The rise of the at-home hospital 
  • MedTech applications  
  • Patient empowerment & care  
  • IP protection  
  • And so, so much more…. 

 If adopted, implemented, and interoperable with the wider clinical pathway then MedTech and HealthTech solutions could revolutionise the care patients receive.  

To receive your free copy of our latest whitepaper ‘MedTech & HealthTech: A New Realm of Patient Care’ click here.