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Charlotte Stoker

Working within the PR & Content team, Charlotte’s expertise transcends across a range of content, social media and PR. Many of Charlottes blogs delve into some of the most cutting-edge B2B PR and marketing trends. With a particular interest in sustainability and ethics within business trickling through her knowledge on the industries we serve, you can expect to see insights on a wide range of subjects, from The Rise of Sustainable Marketing to The Future of Wearables in MedTech.

25th Aug 2022

Wearables in Healthcare: What’s Next?

Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, whatever team you’re on, with 48% of the UK having owned a smartwatch, there’s a good chance you’ve been one of those fitness-watch-steps-obsessed people at some point. But new, emerging developments in wearables go a bit further than tracking how many calories you burnt at last night’s spin class. Think of […]

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25th Jan 2022

Discussing Aerospace Engineering with MTA

What’s next for UK aerospace manufacturing? The MTA (The Manufacturing Technologies Association) is the UK’s trade association for companies who create, and supply technology utilised by manufacturers making the products we rely on.  To celebrate this innovative sector, the association runs a yearly event, MACH, which is the UK’s premier event for engineering-based manufacturing technologies. […]

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17th Jan 2022

Innovating in Aerospace Defence with Atec Engineering Solutions

Atec Engineering Solutions are a 75 year strong privately owned engineering company based in Manchester. They operate predominately within the defence industry, which includes aerospace. The company manufactures control systems alongside a variety of other components required for flight. Whilst manufacturing is a major focus, a large proportion of their service is repairing existing assets. […]

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16th Sep 2021

The Rise of Sustainable Marketing

Say NO to Greenwashing   A big problem in the sustainable marketing world is greenwashing. Greenwashing is when brands convey a false impression or provide misleading information to make it appear as though they are producing products in an environmentally friendly manner. As much as this often creates short term gain for businesses, they are ultimately often discovered for […]

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