Forging Conversations for the Future of Food

As one of our brands, RegTech Talks was launched to spark conversation surrounding the emerging technologies that are dedicated to easing compliance and driving operational efficiency in every regulated sector.

The RegTech Talks brand runs multiple events throughout the year, each orientated around topical issues facing regulatory compliance. One industry that has been regulated for many years, but recently has faced greater pressure both to meet recent standard changes but also in terms of scalability to meet the demands of the growing population is the agriculture sector.

Crafting a Unique Event

To address the emerging concerns, we crafted a narrative of ‘Feeding the Future’ that would play out over a series of events. 

Food production must double by 2050 to meet the anticipated 9.7 billion global population. This alongside the pressure to create a paragon of sustainable farming has left the agriculture sector searching for an answer. 

To truly get to the crux of what is happening in the industry, we broke down the overarching topic into three unique and compelling event topics.  

  • Vertical Farming – Up, Up and Away 
  • Insect Protein: Sustainable Food Production 
  • Sustainable Technologies: Next Level Crop Management  

Each of these events spoke about the growing concern around feeding an ever-increasing population and how the likes of vertical farming, insect protein and cutting-edge technology were emerging to offer unparalleled opportunities for food production. The events ran as a webinar series, each being an hour long with a week gap between each discussion. Each event included a panel of specialists and was hosted by Co-Founder Georgia Halston, who managed the debate and probed our panellists with insightful questions given by the audience.

Building a Stellar Line-Up
Building a Stellar Line-Up

Building a Stellar Line-Up

Our partnership engagement team reached out to a range of contacts within the agriculture sector, speaking with academics, cutting-edge technology firms and experts working within the industry.  

To find the perfect line-up, our division sought those thought leaders in the industry, searching through industry news, previous event line-ups and those prevalent on LinkedIn. 

From this, the team were able to bring together an expert-led panel for each event, to create an engaging and memorable event.

Events to Remember

Each event discussion was driven by topical changes in the industry. Each panellist had the opportunity to present their expertise and explain as to how they are addressing the challenges in the industry, whether that was through innovative technology or a completely reimagined approach.  

The aim of the event was to educate the audience and give them first-hand insight into the expectations of the future and the immense possibilities of the agriculture sector.  

A Captive Audience  

Across each of the events, we were able to gain over 130 sign-ups of a highly relevant and engaged audience. The audience predominately consisted of decision-level individuals in the agriculture sector, who were looking to gain a greater understanding of technology innovation entering the industry.