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Content, Event, Social Media

Pioneering NHS Investment in Inenco

Industry: Utilities Management

Inenco are pioneering better business for a greener world. They boast over 50 years of consulting expertise in energy and utilities management, adapting to their customers’ evolving demands. Their dedicated mission is to assist their clients in developing and implementing cutting-edge, comprehensive plans for tackling their environmental sustainability concerns, facing the worldwide challenge of global warming, and battling for a net-zero future.  

New Partnerships

Inenco’s trailblazing services in offering energy and utilities management for facilities made them the perfect potential partner for NHS Trust’s looking to up their sustainability game and Inenco were looking for a route into this market. Sustainability Partnerships vast NHS network and dedication to building a better tomorrow made them the perfect platform for Inenco to present their products and services to industry decision makers.  

Building an Industry Voice
Building an Industry Voice

Building an Industry Voice

We kicked off our partnership with Inenco’s senior account manager and NHS specialist, Bethany Goodwin spotlighted as a key speaker on one of the three thought-lead Sustainability Day of Action webinars highlighting industry experts that took place in 2021. They featured on ‘Powering the NHS Towards Net-Zero’. The event saw speakers from disruptive companies pioneering positive change in green energy showcasing their innovative solutions, experiences and how the NHS can leverage these solutions to really skyrocket their green agendas. 

  • 89 Event Sign Ups  
  • 79 views of the event write up and recording
  • 48 attendees agreed to share contact information 
  • Live Tweeting – Twitter Impressions 2,546  
  • Live Tweeting – Engagements 25  

Owned Webinar

After such immense success was drawn from being a part of the Sustainability Partnerships Day of Action webinar, Inenco chose to elect Sustainability Partnerships platform to run an exclusive owned webinar. The owned webinar worked as an opportunity for Inenco to run an event utilising our platforms, giving them the undivided attention of decision makers within the NHS. 

The strategic, thought-lead event was tailored to fall in line with Inenco’s own marketing strategy and create lead after lead for them. Our events and content team worked tirelessly in collaboration with Inenco as they took over Sustainability Partnership’s events and social media platforms to run their webinar ‘Inenco: Private & Public Sector Approaches to Sustainability and Carbon Reporting’

  • 203 views of the event write up and recording 
  • 53 event sign ups 

Hearing about the disruptive work being done by Inenco in the green energy sector, we couldn’t resist proposing further collaborative blog content to really solidify their educational offering to our NHS contacts. Their blog ‘The Key Principles of Energy Management: Measurement and Planningworked as a comprehensive advice piece to NHS Trusts on how energy management could be key to their futures as costs began to skyrocket post-pandemic and how they could utilise these tactics to push forward their sustainability agendas. The blog has received 90 unique page views since being posted and is now being utilised as evergreen content to refer back to. 

The Outcome

Inenco’s work with Sustainability Partnerships allowed them the opportunity to hold one-off conversations with our NHS decision makers who they would have struggled to target otherwise. Both events which involved Inenco received great feedback and further interest from NHS professionals.  

“It was a delight to work with Sustainability Partnerships through a range of events and collaborative content. The discussions had on both webinars we’re highly insightful and gave us a great opportunity to learn more about the NHS’s needs through the Q&A sessions. We are also pleased to see that the blog has been well read and hopefully is acting as a good resource for NHS Trusts.”

– David Hughes, Head of Marketing and Communications, Inenco